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Envoronmental Policy Statement

The Living Property Group is an environmentally responsible company. It is our policy to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. We are committed to the prevention of pollution, compliance with environmental standards and continuous improvement.



In implementing this policy, The Living Property Group will apply the following guiding principles:


  • Establish the protection of the environment as an important corporate value and develop practices to ensure all activities are conducted in an environmentally sound manner.


  • Educate, train and encourage employees to conduct their activities in an environmentally responsible manner, to minimize the use of toxic substances and to use resources such as energy and water efficiently.


  • Promote good public relations and foster openness and dialogue with employees, relevant authorities, the public and other stakeholders.


  • Continue to improve company environmental practices, taking into account current legislation, industry codes of practice, technical developments, the needs of the clients and expectations of the community.


  • Assess environmental impacts and develop appropriate management plans for each project undertaken by the company.


  • Encourage and engage in research on environmental issues associated with company activities.

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