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Workplace Safety Committment

The health and safety of our employees, contractors and the general public is our highest priority.


We are committed to ensuring a safe and efficient workplace by:


  • Providing all employees with the necessary information, training, equipment and assistance in relation to OH&S requirements and legislation.

  • Constantly evaluating workplace performance and safety, work methods and practices to ensure the highest possible standards.

  • Encouraging open discussion on safety, work practices and concerns that employees or members of the public may have in relation to company activities.


Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility:


Management and Supervisors

  • Ensure OH&S policies are effectively implemented

  • Provide resources and training necessary to adhere to health & safety requirements

  • Conduct regular inspections & audits of company activities, policies and procedures



  • Cooperate fully with OH&S policy and programs

  • Conduct themselves in a manner that reflects concern for their safety and that of others

  • Provide management with constructive feedback in relation to workplace safety



  • Must comply with all company policy, procedures and safety standards set by the company


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