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If you have a hazard “Make it Safe”. The Living Property Group (LPG) will identify and advise the client of any potential hazards we see via a Hazard Risk Assessment. The format supplied lists many common hazards identified on Sydney Schools, however your site may have additional hazards and these will be added.


The level of risk will be assessed, taking into account the potential consequences, the probability of the occurrence and the exposure to the hazard. The level of risk can be seen when we supply a “Hazard Assessment Matrix”.

Then "Hazard Controls" must be put in place to minimise the risks to all involved including, students, teachers, staff, the public and any others persons using the site. A list of suggested controls will be supplied however you may choose other controls if they are more suitable to your circumstances.


If you have concerns about a potential hazzard please contact Phillip Jacquet on 0423 868 036. 



How dangerous is the hazard we have found?

How severely could it hurt someone or how ill could it make someone?

How likely will it happen? 



1. Elimination of the Hazard

2. Substitution, eg: of the equipment or substance

3. Isolation, eg: distance or enclosure

4. Engineering Controls, eg: guarding

5. Administration Controls, eg: supervision, training, rotation

6. Personal Protection Equipment

Note: The provision of protective equipment should always be the last control option considered. A combination of controls may be appropriate however the combination must be based on the control hierarchy.

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