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Programmed Maintenance of School Grounds

We specialise in the programmed maintenance of school grounds. This includes but is not limited to understanding what is required to plant and how to maintain garden beds with special consideration for:


  • High pedestrian traffic

  • Accident prevention and Hazzard reduction

  • Noxious and environmental weeds

  • Allergies

  • Drought tolerance

  • Differing soil conditions

  • Regeneration of areas

  • Trees for shade

  • Native plants

  • Plants for hedging or screening

  • Plants for colour

  • Plants that attract native fauna

  • Plant disease and pest resistance

  • Council recommended plants and trees

We Tick all the boxes when Maintaining School Grounds

Working with Children Safety Check

All our staff have a Working with Children Check and follow strict policies and procedures when working on site. Staff can be easily identified by The Living Property Group logo on their shirt.

KIDS SAFE "The child accident prevention foundation of Australia"

The Living Property Group uses the Kidsafe guidelines to better ensure a hazzard free environment.

Council Knowledge

The Living Property Group can advise on local Council requirements when pruning, planting and/or removing trees, including the 10/50 Rural Fire Service Clearing Rule.


We follow Council guidelines and use recommended plant species when planting along nature strips and verges.


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SEMP - School Environmental Management Plan

The Living Property Group is keen to be involved in assisting your school "Going green". School environmental management plans can work across the key learning areas of the curriculum and the whole school community. It starts with local sustainability and over time develops students understanding of how their work contributes globally.


Students and staff manage, observe and monitor the school's resources, waste and physical surroundings, then take on activities to protect and improve the school and the local environment. The students will develop an understanding about:


  • the relationship between human activities and natural systems

  • sustainable management of the earth's resources

  • the inter-related nature of processes in the natural environment


We encourage you to support your student's 'Going green' activities to help them to learn to care for the environment as part of their everyday lives.

Herb & Vegetable Garden + Fruit Trees

FREE Mulch

The Living Property Group can design and build your own Herb & Vegetable Garden. Fruit Trees are also a healthy and delicious addition to any school grounds where students, staff and parents will enjoy picking fruit straight from the tree.


The maintenance and harvest of the garden and trees can be done by The Living Property Group or by the students. You may choose to write a program to be added to your annual curriculum or alternatively establish a "Gardening Club" for before, after school or lunchtimes.

Plan ahead. If you've got a spare 5m x 5m space we can supply approximately 5m3 of FREE leaf mulch now. Let it compsot for 6 months and then apply to the schools garden beds.

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